Lahoriye Punjabi Movie 2017 – Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta, Yuvraj Hans | Detailed Plot and Story Analysis

Lahoriye is a romantic Punjabi movie starring Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta and Yuvraj Hans that released on 12 May 2017. The official poster, teaser/trailer of Lahoriye was released weeks before Lahoriye movie release.

Lahoriye Punjabi Movie Official Poster

Here’s the official poster of Lahoriye starring Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta.

Lahoriye punjabi movie official Poster
Lahoriye official poster

The official poster of Lahoriye was released a few days before the launch of the official trailer of the movie.

Lahoriye Trailer

Here is the official trailer of Lahoriye:

The trailer of Lahoriye was released on 12 April 2017 on the official Youtube channel of Amrinder Gill. The film is being produced under the banner of Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and Amberdeep Productions and boasts of a stellar cast including some of the most popular actors of Punjabi cinema.

Lahoriye Punjabi Movie Release Date

The release date of Lahoriye is 12 May 2017. It shall release across all theaters, both in India and worldwide on 12th May this year.

Lahoriye Star Cast (Lead Actors and Other Crew)

The lead star cast of Lahoriye consists of Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta and Yuvraj Hans, wherein the role of the male protagonist is played by Amrinder Gill, Sargun Mehta plays the role of his love interest and Yuvraj Hans is seen in a supporting role.

star cast of Lahoriye amrinder gill sargun mehta yuvraj hans
The principal cast of Lahoriye: (Clockwise from left) Sargun Mehta, Amrinder Gill and Yuvraj Hans

Apart from these two lead actors, there are many other famous famous actors of Punjabi cinema in this movie, including Nimrat Khaira, Sardar Sohi, Guggu Gill, Nirmal Rishi, Hobby Dhaliwal, Rajiv Thakur, Sandeep Malhi and Gagan Mehra.

The director of the movie is Amberdeep Singh, who has also written and co-produced this movie along with Karaj Gill.

Lahoriye Plot, Story Summary and Review

Lahoriye is mostly an emotional and romantic movie that revolves around two central characters: a boy from Ferozepur, India and a girl from Lahore, Pakistan.

The film starts with a few visuals from the time of the partition between India and Pakistan. It shows two small kids being separated due to partition. Presently, Kikkar Singh (Amrinder Gill) is an honest clerk in the government transport office. He lives in an ancient but sprawling house located near the Indo-Pakistan border with his grandfather, parents, brother and his wife and a son. Kikkar and his father constantly request Kikkar’s grandfather to let them demolish the ancient house and build a new, better and stronger bungalow at its place. But he refuses every time.

One day, Kikkar’s mother urges him to go to their field to overlook the agricultural work. The field is located across the border, so he has to necessarily take a BSF personnel with him to the field. While ploughing the field on his tractor, Kikkar sees a beautiful Ameeran (Sargun Mehta) on the Pakistan side of the border. He is instantly smitten by her beauty. He then starts going to his field everyday in order to catch a glimpse of Ameeran.

One day, he throws a letter across the border to Ameeran, who takes it and keeps it hidden with herself. Since the letter is written in Punjabi and Ameeran cannot read Gurumukhi script, she buys herself a translation book in order to understand the contents of the letter. Kikkar then decides to pay her a visit in Pakistan. He gets a visa and goes to Pakistan to meet Ameeran. But he is spotted by Naseem Khan (Yuvraj Hans) – Ameeran’s landlord’s son, who warns him to not even dare play with Ameeran’s family’s reputation. But when Kikkar sheepishly explains that he really likes Ameeran, Naseem promises that he will help him meet Ameeran.

Kikkar and Ameeran meet at a family function, where Kikkar confesses his love. Touched, Ameeran also admits reluctantly that she loves him too. Naseem takes Kikkar to Ameeran’s house and introduces him to her family as his own friend from India. Ameeran’s parents grow fond of Kikkar and ask if he would be willing to marry their daughter. Elated on the inside, Kikkar says yes and asks for their permission to go back to his village and convince his own parents for their marriage. He also comes to know that the house he lives in presently actually belonged to Ameeran’s grandfather.

Just as he is about to leave, Naseem’s father, an MLA and the landlord of Ameeran’s house, arrives and expresses his disapproval for the marriage. But Kikkar leaves anyway, determined that he would marry Ameeran. It takes some convincing on Kakkar’s part to convince his parents, but they eventually do agree for his marriage. Kikkar then goes to convince his uncle, Zorawar Singh, who’s also an aspiring MLA. He expresses his unwillingness for this marriage, but is convinced by his daughter Harleen Kaur (Nimrat Khaira).

The entire family then arrives at Lahore for Kikkar’s marriage. Meanwhile, Naseem falls in love with Harleen. But when Kikkar notices this, he talks to Harleen privately and advises her to not get involved with a Pakistani guy. Ameeran overhears this conversation and confronts Kikkar for being such a hypocrite. She then tells him that she can’t marry him. But Ameeran’s old, ailing grandfather asks both Ameeran and Kikkar to not let their holy matrimony be ruined by such petty reasons. Kikkar realises his mistake and apologises to both Ameeran and Harleen.

lahoriye movie images
Ameeran and Kikkar from Lahoriye

Naseem’s father notices that his son and Harleen like each other. He talks to Harleen’s father and proposes to marry them along with Kikkar and Ameeran. Harleen’s father feels offended by this and declares that not only he won’t marry his daughter to Naseem, but he also won’t let Kikkar marry Ameeran. Following an emotional monologue by Kikkar, the Indian family departs from Ameeran’s house. Subsequently, Naseem’s father becomes an MLA.

Back in Ameeran’s place, her grandfather requests his family members, including Naseem’s father, to let Ameeran marry Kikkar because he feels that that way a part of his soul would be able to reside in his own house in Punjab (India). He also adds that even after decades, he hasn’t forgotten the memory of the house where he spent his childhood and can even locate it with his eyes closed.

Naseem’s father proposes that once at the threshold of Kakkar’s village in Punjab, if the old man could reach the house with a blindfold on his eyes, then he would happily give up his MLA seat and marry Kikkar and Ameeran. The old man accepts this and is taken to India. Outside the village, a blindfold is tied on his eyes. Slowly, but with resolute strides, Ameeran’s grandfather eventually locates Kakkar’s house (which used to be his own before partition) and embraces Kakkar’s grandfather. The two young boys shown in the beginning of the movie were actually the grandfathers of Kikkar and Ameeran respectively.

In the climax, Kikkar is shown to be married to Ameeran, who is now living in Punjab (India) in Kakkar’s house with his family, while Harleen is married to Naseem. She lives in Pakistan and has a kid.

Lahoriye Box Office Collections

The public response to Lahoriye was quite positive. The box office collections of Lahoriye were quite impressive in the opening weekend. In the first three days of its release, Lahoriye did a business of around 6 crores. And within a week of its release, it made almost 10 crores in the domestic market. At the time of the last update, Lahoriye had ammassed Rs 35 crores at the Box Office.


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