Sargi Punjabi Movie Review – Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai, Rubina Bajwa | Plot, Story

The Punjabi movie Sargi released worldwide on 24 February 2017. It is a romantic comedy which features a love triangle of Babbu, Kaim and Sargi (played by Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai and Rubina Bajwa). It is certainly a one-time watch.

Sargi Punjabi Movie Poster

The official poster of the Pollywood movie Sargi was released a couple of months ago. Here’s the poster:


Sargi Punjabi Movie Release Date

The Punjabi language movie Sargi release date is 24 February. It opened across all theaters all over the world. The movie was being promoted on various media channels as the principal star cast gave interviews all around.

Sargi Movie Star Cast

The principal cast of the movie includes Jassi Gill, Babbal Rai and debutant Rubina Bajwa.


Sargi Movie Actress

The actress in the movie Sargi is Rubina Bajwa, who is the younger sister of Neeru Bajwa. Sargi is Rubina Bajwa’s first movie as the lead actress.

The director of Sargi is Neeru Bajwa and it’s being produced by Neeru Bajwa, Prem Prakash Singh, Navdeep Ankit Vijan and Santosh Thite. The movie is being produced under the banner of Neeru Bajwa Entertainment and Shri Narotam Ji Films. The music of the movie is composed by Jay K (Jassi Katyal).

Sargi Punjabi Movie Trailer

The trailer of the movie was launched on January 23, 2017. Here is the official trailer of Punjabi movie Sargi:

Sargi Punjabi Movie Review

The movie is pretty well made and narrates a story of three people who crack jokes, get emotional and perform Bhangra when the situation demands for it. The movie revolves around three characters – Babbu (played by Jassi Gill), Kaim (played by Babbal Rai) and Sargi (played by Rubina Bajwa) – who are central to the plot.


The movie follows the comical, emotional journey of these characters as the drama unfolds towards the end of the movie.

Story of Sargi / Sargi Plot

Pollywood movie Sargi is based on the life of a Punjabi girl named Sargi (played by Rubina Bajwa, sister of famous Punjabi actress Neeru Bajwa). Sargi is living abroad and trying to earn a livelihood by working at a coffee shop. The son of the owner of the coffee shop, Kaim (played by Babbal Rai), is a handsome hunk and a great womaniser too.


Needless to say, Sargi starts falling for her romantically. To her predicament, another guy named Amreek (played by Karamjit Anmol) starts falling for Sargi too. As the trailer shows, the guy gets married to Sargi too, as he’s one of those people who either have emotions nor are good at expressing them, but somehow they get lucky due to God’s grace.


As if it was not enough, Babbu (played by Jassi Gill) a childhood friend of Sargi also comes to work at the same coffee shop where Sargi works. He likes her too, but is not able to express his emotions in front of her. There are certain moments when he’s just about to express his love for her, but can never actually do it, as he is too nervous and scared to do that.


There comes one day when Kaim proposes to Sargi to which she says ‘yes’ reluctantly. Seeing that Sargi accepted the proposal of Kaim, Babbu returns to his village, disappointed and wondering if Sargi ever loved him or not. And if she did, why did she accept the proposal of marrying Kaim. The answer to this question is revealed at the end of the movie when Kaim, with his infant son, visits Babbu after a few years in the latter’s village in Punjab. Kaim also brings his wife to meet Babbu.

At first, Babbu presumes that Kaim’s wife is none other than Sargi. But, it was actually someone else. Kaim then informs Babbu that after the latter came back from Canada, Sargi called off their engagement citing her love for Babbu. But, she didn’t tell this to Babbu as she wanted to stay back in Canada to finish her college. Also, she didn’t know if Babbu loved her too. Hearing this, Babbu is elated and confesses his love to Sargi. Subsequently, they get married.

In the final scene of the movie, Babbu is shown standing out of his room on his wedding night, pleading Sargi to let him enter. Sargi puts forth a condition before she opens the door – Babbu has to sing a song that he used to sing when they were both in school. Babbu thinks that it’s embarrassing, as there were guests in the house. But when Sargi refuses to open the door, Babbu reluctantly begins singing the song as the movie ends.

Neeru Bajwa, the director and producer of the movie, has lent her voice to the character of Sargi. All in all, Sargi is a nice combination of comedy, a few dance numbers, emotions and drama.


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